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Strategy - D365 Trial Balance Migration for foreign currency Equity balances

#Microsoft #D365F #DataMigration #Equity #CurrencyTranslation #Historical The focus of this blog is migration of Equity trial balances for new legal entities with a foreign accounting currency (different currency than the accounting currency of the consolidation legal entity). Our examples will highlight USD infusions to an Australia company. Currencies used: USD Transaction currency AUD Accounting currency We will use the following Legal Entities and corresponding Accountin

Two Step Perfectly Balanced D365 Bank Migration

#Microsoft #D365FO #D365 #Bank #DataMigration #Strategy You are in the middle or have completed implementation of Microsoft D365 for Finance. You want to start doing Bank Reconciliations in D365; you have data in the Trial Balance; the Bank subledger has no activity. Today we will show a strategy to perform a perfect data migration to populate your Bank Subledger synchronized with the Trial Balance. You start with your manual or legacy system bank reconciliation. For illustra

Perfectly Balanced D365 Accounts Receivable Migration

#D365 #D365FO #DataMigration #AccountsReceivable #OpenAR #Reconciliation #Strategy Out of Balance Legacy Sub Ledger? No problem. Today we will cover strategy to migrate Accounts Receivable sub ledger to your new D365 ERP system. We will assume that the legacy system was out of balance $1,000.00, yet we will achieve a balanced General Ledger to Sub Ledger in D365 based on the Open AR details that we are provided [ $50,000,000.00 ]. In a prior blog, we covered migration of th

Migration is not just for birds. Trial Balance Migration Strategy.

#Microsoft #D365 #D365FO #D365FSC #Implementation #DataMigration #TrialBalance So you have a new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, or you have a new Legal Entity than you want to create in your existing D365 environment. "What strategy should I take for my Trial Balance data migrations" ? Today we will offer a tried and true method. You have already designed and setup your new Chart of Accounts and Financial Dimensions. You think you have properly mapped all the Legac

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