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D365 Chart of Accounts Strategy for Perfectly Balanced Intercompany Transactions

#D365 #Microsoft #ChartofAccounts #Intercompany #Setup #Strategy Are you dreading the financial month end process of reconciling the intercompany accounts? No problem for D365. Here is a strategy for creating Main Accounts in a D365 Chart of Accounts the simplifies the reconciliation process. The numbering convention results in a visually easy to reconcile trial balance in your consolidation Legal Entity. The strategy for an numbering convention in your chart of accounts al

Automated Accounting Part 6, Entangled Customers and Vendors

#D365 #ERP #Intercompany #Accounting #Setup #Customers #Vendors #PostingProfiles Now why would we want to do that ? Well... this is an introductory setup for processing D365 Intercompany Purchase and Sales Orders: Entangled Vendors and Customers In this scenario, D365 Legal Entity US02 will buy from D365 Legal Entity US01. We will create a Vendor in US02 to buy from US01, and we will create a Customer in Us01 to sell to US02. We will use a smart numbering for the Vendor and

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