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Strategy - D365 Trial Balance Migration for foreign currency Equity balances

#Microsoft #D365F #DataMigration #Equity #CurrencyTranslation #Historical The focus of this blog is migration of Equity trial balances for new legal entities with a foreign accounting currency (different currency than the accounting currency of the consolidation legal entity). Our examples will highlight USD infusions to an Australia company. Currencies used: USD Transaction currency AUD Accounting currency We will use the following Legal Entities and corresponding Accountin

Two Step Perfectly Balanced D365 Bank Migration

#Microsoft #D365FO #D365 #Bank #DataMigration #Strategy You are in the middle or have completed implementation of Microsoft D365 for Finance. You want to start doing Bank Reconciliations in D365; you have data in the Trial Balance; the Bank subledger has no activity. Today we will show a strategy to perform a perfect data migration to populate your Bank Subledger synchronized with the Trial Balance. You start with your manual or legacy system bank reconciliation. For illustra

D365 Chart of Accounts Strategy for Perfectly Balanced Intercompany Transactions

#D365 #Microsoft #ChartofAccounts #Intercompany #Setup #Strategy Are you dreading the financial month end process of reconciling the intercompany accounts? No problem for D365. Here is a strategy for creating Main Accounts in a D365 Chart of Accounts the simplifies the reconciliation process. The numbering convention results in a visually easy to reconcile trial balance in your consolidation Legal Entity. The strategy for an numbering convention in your chart of accounts al

Come see me at the Microsoft Community Summit NA 2022

#Microsoft #Summit #SummitNA2022 #Speaker #D365 #Consolidations #MultipleChartofAccounts #Elimination #CurrencyTranslationAjdustment #CTA #PecentageOwnership I will be a speaker at Community Summit North America 2022, presenting a comprehensive session on D365 Consolidations. COMMUNITY SUMMITNORTH AMERICA The largest independent gathering of the Microsoft Business Applications user ecosystem. This year the Summit is October 10-13 and is held at Gaylord Palms, Orlando, Florida

Updated Microsoft Go-live Readiness Review Process

#Microsoft #D365 #GoLive #FastTrack Microsoft has updated their FastTrack Go-live Readiness review process. They are moving away from the Word version Go-live readiness check-list to a portal to capture this information, Updated Microsoft Go-live Readiness Review Process FastTrack Go-live Readiness review is a big milestone for D365F&SCM implementation projects. This Microsoft quality gate is there to ensure that the project is in good shape before provisioning PROD for going

Accurate Aging Buckets

#Microsoft #D365F #AgingBuckets #Config #Setup Have you ever wondered why the Aging Buckets are not appearing empty wrong Exhibit: Collection Aged Balances Today we will show Aging Period setups to generate accurate balances. 1. Credit and Collection Parameters Note: If the setup of more than six periods [buckets], the definition cannot be used on the Collections Aged Balances screen. Aging period definitions are defined on the following exhibited setup menu. Credit and Colle

Isolate Credit Notes on Trial Balance

#Microsoft #D365 #D365FSC #ContraRevenue #CreditNotes #PostingProfile #Italy Have you wanted to distinguish Sales Order Returns [Contra Revenue] on the Trial Balance, but only see a Posting Profile for "Revenue"? The setup in Dynamics 365 has a feature to add a new posting type for Credit Notes. (This feature is limited to Italy legal entities, contact you technical team if you need the feature enabled for non-Italy legal entities). 1. Enable on the feature Workspaces > Featu

Microsoft Innovation Summit series

#Microsoft #InnovationSummit #Summit #June14 #2022 #Dynamics365 #Microsoft365 #Azure #PowerPlatform Registration link Microsoft Innovation Summit series ( Event overview As a Microsoft user, you need to stay current with the latest the product has to offer. RSM is helping you stay ahead of the curve by providing a quarterly user group summit. From keynote speakers who will inspire a sense of innovation to product breakout tracks and “ask the expert” open forums, you

Consolidate, Online Strategy [TAX]

#Microsoft #D365 #D365F #D365FSC #Consolidaions #ConsolidateOnline #Tax #Process #BusinessProcess #Strategy #Simplification Do you want to prepare Financial Statements including GAAP Adjustments or TAX Adjustments? This can easily be accomplished with out of the box features. Assumptions: You are using D365 Financial Reporter. You do not want to use posting layer Question: How can I do this if a Legal Entity [LE], (setup = Use for Consolidations) does not allow manual journal

RSM's Microsoft Innovation Summit, Tues. March 8, 2022 1-4 P.M. ET

#Microsoft #RSM #InnovationSummit #March2022 #Azure #PowerBI #SharePointMicrosoft365 #Dynamics365FinanceAndSupplyChain #Dynamics365BusinessCentral #Dynamics365CustomerEngagement #ProjectServiceAutomation #DynamicsGP #DynamicsSL As a Microsoft user, you need to stay current with the latest the product has to offer. RSM is helping you stay ahead of the curve by providing a quarterly user group summit. With keynote speakers who will inspire a sense of innovation to product

Microsoft Innovation Summit, quarterly user group hosted by RSMLIVE WEBCAST | December 14, 2021,

#Microsoft #InnovationSummit #RSM Register here Microsoft Innovation Summit ( Event Details As a Microsoft user, you need to stay current with the latest the product has to offer. RSM is helping you stay ahead of the curve by providing a quarterly user group summit. With keynote speakers who will inspire a sense of innovation to product breakout tracks and “Ask the expert” open forums, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to enhance your knowledge and inspire

WANTED: Better Descriptions for Journals

#Microsoft #D365 #D365FO #DefaultDescriptions #JournalDescriptions #Setup #Configuration #Automation Do you ever wish the out of the box journal entries had more information? Well... D365 Finance and Operations can do just that. The features we are going to explore today are customizable in the Journal Setup section of the General Ledger module. General ledger > Journal setup > Journal descriptions General ledger > Journal setup > Default descriptions General ledger > Journal

Chart of Accounts Redesign Strategies

#D365 #D365FSC #D365FO #Microsoft #ChartofAccounts #Setup #Design #Architecture Overview A Chart of Accounts is the backbone of a financial system. It is a core setup in D365 Finance ERP system. A best of breed, thoughtful, Chart of Accounts will benefit financial reporting, facilitate validations, and streamline accounting and review. Optimizing your new Chart of Accounts will use a combination of some, or all of the following strategies. These strategies are best practic

D365FO Multi Company Consolidations Demystified – at Summit, NA

#MySummitNA #dynamics365 #d365fo #microsoft #Consolidations #Eliminations #CurrencyTranslation Come see me present on Wednesday October 13, in Houston D365FO Multi Company Consolidations Demystified Room GRBC 3rd Floor 370C (1:40-2:20 CDT) Learn how to setup and process consolidated trial balances in D365FO. Understand the complex issues and eliminations and Currency translation adjustments. Consolidate, Online Consolidate different Chart of Accounts (Rest of World & France)

D365 Asset Leasing (IFRS16), Bug Resolved

#Microsoft #D365 #D365FO #D365FSC #AssetLeasing #Bug #Resolution #issue600336 #KB4634318 In my earlier blogs, I mentioned that the reclassification of liability from long to short term had a bug, subsequent reversal was backwards. D365 Asset Leasing (IFRS16) ( D365 Asset Leasing (IFRS16), Deeper Dive ( Bug resolution Now resolved, fix will appear in Quality Update 10.0.20 Description of Change "During the short term reclassifica

Microsoft US Hybrid Work Summit, 29 Sept 2021

#Microsoft #HybridWorkSummit #2021 This is a free virtual event, sweepstakes, and numerous thought speakers including Deb Cupp, President Microsoft US. The Microsoft US Hybrid Work Summit will be essential viewing, providing insights for you to rethink everything from the employee experience and talent to digital sales. It starts with empowering employees for a more flexible work world. Get prepared for September 29 by learning more about Microsoft’s approach to hybrid work.

Migration is not just for birds. Trial Balance Migration Strategy.

#Microsoft #D365 #D365FO #D365FSC #Implementation #DataMigration #TrialBalance So you have a new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, or you have a new Legal Entity than you want to create in your existing D365 environment. "What strategy should I take for my Trial Balance data migrations" ? Today we will offer a tried and true method. You have already designed and setup your new Chart of Accounts and Financial Dimensions. You think you have properly mapped all the Legac

Microsoft Ignite Nov 2-4, 2021

#Microsoft #Ignite #Nov2021 #Free #Virtual #Conference Microsoft Ignite Join November 2–4, 2021 for the digital experience, including the latest product demos, Q&A with Microsoft experts, technical deep-dives, and more. This is a Free Virtual Conference. Satya Nadella will be the keynote speaker. There are 387 sessions, see the links below for the full session catalog. Home MyIgnite - Your home for Microsoft Ignite More Links MyIgnite - Session catalog ( MyIgnit

D365 Table Browsing simplified

#D365 #D365FO #Microsoft #TableBrowser #HowTo In earlier versions of Dynamics did you quickly Browse Tables via the AOT and that option is no longer available. No problem, today we will show two ways of browsing your D365 tables. Edit the URL Chrome Extension 1.0 Method 1 Edit the URL 1.1 How to Edit the URL Editing the URL is easy, you just to know the proper syntax to put in the address bar of your internet browser. We will review the advantages of the alternative method i

DynamicsCon September 20-23, 2021

#DynamicsCon #DynamicsCon2021 #DUG #Microsoft #Dynamics DynamicsCon Sept. 2021 is a FREE, 4 half-day virtual learning experience for 11,000+ Microsoft Business Application users and professionals. Experience expert speakers, online networking opportunities, and engaging educational sessions covering a range of cutting-edge tools, techniques, and product applications. Session topics are submitted and voted on by the community; take part in our version of educational democracy!

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