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Accurate Aging Buckets

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered why the Aging Buckets are

  • not appearing

  • empty

  • wrong

Exhibit: Collection Aged Balances

Today we will show Aging Period setups to generate accurate balances.

1. Credit and Collection Parameters

Note: If the setup of more than six periods [buckets], the definition cannot be used on the Collections Aged Balances screen.

Aging period definitions are defined on the following exhibited setup menu.

Credit and Collections > Setup > Aging period definitions

After creation, Aging period definitions are assigned to Credit and Collection Parameters.

Credit and Collections > Setup > Credit and Collections Parameters > Collections > Collection Defaults >

2. Periodic tasks

The Aged balances overview displayed in the Credit and Collections module is static.

Credit and collections > Collections > Aged balances

The Aged balances that are displayed can be updated on demand, or nightly via a batch job.

When the periodic task is run, the Aged balances are updated with the most recent data.

Note: The periodic process has no effect on the Customer Aging report.

Inquiries and reports > Customers > Customer aging report

The periodic task can be run for multiple companies.

If you schedule a batch job to run every night, the Aged balances that are displayed will be up to date through last night.

If collection agents desire to see up to the minute data, they may run the period task at any time.

Credit and collections > Periodic tasks > Age customer balances


You will now see updated customer balances.

Credit and collections > Collections > Aged balances

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