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Add AutoPost to your approved WorkFlow Journals

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

You have already created your General Journal and submitted to to applicable Work Flow for Approval. Now you patiently, or not, wait for approval so you can post your journal.

Wait no more !

Just schedule your approved workflow journals to autopost.

The following defines the process to automate the posting of the approved General Journal.

  1. Post Journals

Define the parameters that you are going to use.

All of our processes today will occur within this menu path:

General ledger > Journal entries > Post journals

This screen will appear.

Choose "Select"

The selection criteria page will appear.


from the Journal Batch Number field

to the Workflow Approval Status field.

Change the Criteria as exhibited.

Then click OK.

2. Recurrence

Before we post our journals, we need to set the Batch Parameters.

Choose (1) "Run in background" and then (2) Recurrence.

Set your recurrence as exhibited.

Then Click "OK"


I like the frequency to be every 2 minutes, as users normally want their approved journals to post very soon.

(You may set the frequency, as desired, differently if you want the system to look for approved journals at a faster or slower frequency than 2 minutes)

3. Batch Processing

Now that we are back to the main screen, set Batch Processing to YES, to enable the recurrence settings we defined (2) above.

Then Click "OK"

After Clicking OK, a notification popup will appear showing that the batch was added to the job queue.

We have successfully automated posting of your approved D365 workflow general journals.

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