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Consolidate different Chart of Accounts, No Problem for D365

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Today we will consolidate Legal Entities (LE) with different Chart Of Accounts.


LE Chart Of Accounts Name Country




The France LE is using a French Statutory Chart of Accounts.

The USA Consolidation LE (CON) is using a different Chart of Accounts.


You have already created all the Main Accounts in the corresponding Chart of Accounts.

The following setup for account number translation will be two steps.

Then will cover the related Consolidate, Online process.

1. Consolidation Account Group

Select your consolidation Legal Entity (CON).

Create a Consolidation Group

If I wanted to translate into different CON companies (i.e. CON1, CON2, CON3) that have different Chart of Accounts, you can create additional Consolidation Account Groups for use with those additional Consolidation Legal Entities.

If I only need one consolidation account group, I like to name it 'Default'.

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Accounts > Consolidation account groups

2. Additional Consolidation Accounts

Create a listing of Additional Consolidation Accounts

This list will itemize the foreign Main Accounts (ie. COA_FRA), the Consolidation Group, and the Consolidation Main Accounts (i,e, COA_USA).

After you choose the Chart of accounts that you want to translate (COA_FRA), you will add new lines for each Main Account as exhibited.

For our demonstration, we are only translating the French Chart of Accounts for use in a United States Consolidation Company.

If I wanted to translate multiple Chart of Accounts into a single Consolidation company, I would choose those additional charts and repeat the process.

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Accounts > Additional consolidation accounts

Note: The Consolidation account name will need to be manually input.

If you prefer to create the AdditionalConsolidationAccounts quickly, I recommend using the Data Management Workspace.

The template can be filled out using your normal copy/paste MS Office functions.

After assigning the Consolidation Account to each line, you may use Excel VLOOKUP function to quickly populate the Consolidation Account Name.

Here is a sample of the related Data Management template.

3. Consolidate, Online

Now we are going to use our setup in the USA consolidation company.

Select the consolidation company (CON).

Perform the consolidation with your normal settings plus as exhibited.

Consolidations > Consolidate, Online

We have successfully performed a consolidation using different Chart of Accounts.

The Consolidation companies Trial Balance will now display the activity consolidated from the French Legal Entity using the USA Chart of accounts that were specified in step 2) above.


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