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Hot Off the Press, Microsoft D365 2021 release wave 1 plan

Microsoft periodically delivers automatic Dynamics 365 Updates. This keeps your ERP system up to date with the latest and greatest software. There are several new features, particularly the Finance features, that I find interesting.

My new feature highlights:

  • Maintain multiple VAT IDs under one single legal entity.

  • Maintain multiple VAT IDs under one single customer or vendor.

  • Autodetermine the correct legal entity VAT IDs on transactions.

  • Autodetermine the correct counterparty VAT IDs on transactions.

This independent micro service enables global inventory with real-time visibility of millions of cross channel transactions per minute

Organizations with global operations often prefer Standard Cost, yet many governments and International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS) may often require different cost valuation methods for inventory.

This feature uses individual dual currency, dual valuation ledgers, and more than one leger may be utilized per Legal Entity.

The new feature increases visibility of tracking of goods in transit and expands purchase order accounting to include transfer orders. Accruals can be made before goods arrive, and estimated costs are adjusted when the actual bills arrive. Costs and allocations can be defined by shipment, container, purchase order, transfer order for a single shipment. Simulations enhance the ability to predict standard costs.


You can download the current and previous release plans here:

You can browse here:

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