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Microsoft Certification Week for Partners 8/23-8/27

Microsoft is holding a Partner certification week starting August 23rd.

This is a can’t-miss opportunity for you to go the last mile toward validating your technical expertise, showcasing mastery of a Microsoft solution area, and acquiring a Microsoft technical certificate as you apply for Microsoft advanced specializations.

As a Microsoft partner, all you have to do is register. Cert Week is free and will be hosted at

Certification Week is a virtual skilling verification event for Microsoft partners who want to validate their expertise with a Microsoft certification. Along with demonstrating a willingness to embrace new technologies, certification provides evidence of your proven capability in a specific line of business, giving you an edge with customers.

Cert Week is a free, first-of-its-kind four-day event that combines a series of prerequisite training resources, interactive expert-led study groups, exam prep sessions, and knowledge checks to get you ready for your certification exam. Participants who complete the course and schedule an exam by September 30 will qualify to receive a practice test and a full exam voucher, at no cost.

The available tracks are as follows:

Register here

More information

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