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Migration is not just for birds. Trial Balance Migration Strategy.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

So you have a new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, or you have a new Legal Entity than you want to create in your existing D365 environment.

"What strategy should I take for my Trial Balance data migrations" ?

Today we will offer a tried and true method.

You have already designed and setup your new Chart of Accounts and Financial Dimensions.

You think you have properly mapped all the Legacy Main Accounts and Financial Dimensions to the new values.

Hold on before you gather your data and let's explore some strategy.

Strategy: First General Ledger, then Sub Ledgers

First, migrate your General Ledger Trial Balance [GL].

Second, migrate Sub Ledgers [SL].

Strategy: Clearing Accounts

Do not map legacy accounts to D365 'SYSTEM' Accounts. By this I mean, any account (specifically Balance Sheet accounts) like AR Trade, AP Trade, Inventory accounts that are controlled by Posting Profiles.

Instead map the legacy accounts to a clearing account.

This setup will benefit data migration of subledger(s) data (covered in a subsequent blog).

Using the clearing accounts for Trial Balance migration, you will have the related system accounts (SYS) at a zero balance which perfectly balances vs. your zero balance subledgers which will be subsequently migrated.

Example Clearing Accounts (121090, 201090)

Strategy: Desired Periods plus one more

Define how many years of Trial Balance data you want to migrate.

Don't worry about how many lines of data you migrate, focus on the dates you want.

Let's say you want two years of Trial Balances migrated.

Then choose the beginning date "Plus One"


You want to migrate 2019, 2020 and the current year 2021.

Assume your calendar begins in January (period 1) and ends with December (period 12)

Migrate starting "+1" = Start with December 2018


  • If you post your beginning balance to period 1 of 2019, you will skew your Cash Flow Statement for 2019.

  • If you post your beginning balance to period 12 of 2018 you will not skew your Cash Flow Statement for 2019.

Process Strategy

Use the Data Management Workspace to quickly import your General Journals.

Date Management Workspace is much faster than using Open in Excel for your journals.

  1. Post your first Trial Balance to Dec18 (Period 12)

  2. Perform Year End Close for 2018

  3. Post each month's activity Jan-Dec 2019

  4. Perform Year End Close for 2019

  5. Post each month's activity Jan-Dec 2020

  6. Perform Year End Close for 2020

  7. Post each month's activity Jan-last month 2021

Strategy: Level of Detail

Alternative 1:

For Period 12 of 2018 you can just post the Trial Balance related to the Balance Sheet.


Alternative 2:

For Period 12 of 2018 you can post the Trial Balance for all accounts (Balance Sheet and Income Statement).

Either way, you will do a Year End Close, thus I prefer to use Alternative 1 as it is simpler than Alternative 2.

You now have a straight forward strategy for migrating your Trial Balance that will provide for a balanced Cash Flow Statement, and pristine zero balances for Balance Sheet system (SYS) accounts that are related to subledgers.

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06 paź 2021

Nice blog! I appreciate you putting in writing this data migration strategy. In my mind this is usually the best approach, and unfortunately I see too many projects where people are not aware of this option.

365 Finance Architec
21 paź 2021
Odpowiada osobie:

Thanks zvika.rimalt !

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