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Override your D365 Financial Dimensions

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Did you ever want to force the Financial Dimension Values that appear in your Trial Balance.

Today we will show you how.

Our goal today will be to input some random Financial Dimension Values and force them to be a fixed value.

I will use Main Account 201110 for the demonstration.

We can choose any fixed value from our Financial Dimension Values, including "Blanks".

We will force Main Account 201110 to "Blanks" as the example for today's blog.

1. Account Structures

Make sure the Account Structure is set to allow blanks for Main Account 201110.

Alternative 1

The standard way to configure to allow only blanks is "" (Double quote Double quote)


Alternative 2

I prefer to configure allow only blanks in a slightly different manner to increase visibility.

(Double quote Double quote SemiColon Z)


This works because the letter Z is non a valid value in my test company's Financial Dimension Values. Note: SemiColon is just a separator

Both alternatives work the same. Which one you choose is based on your personal preference.

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Structures > Configure account structures

Choose edit, make your changes, then click Activate.

2. Chart of Accounts Legal Entity Override

This is where the major setup occurs, It is not complex, just repetitive if you are performing the setup for multiple Legal Entities and multiple Main Accounts.

You can force (Override / Fixed Value) the Financial Dimension Values that are posted to the Trial Balance on a voucher.

The Fixed Value will override (replace) what ever Financial Dimension Values a user inputs when the voucher is posted.

Edit your Main Accounts [201110] as exhibited.

Make sure to save your Main Account edits when finished.

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Accounts > Main accounts

Note: Repeat Step 3, 4, 5 for as many Legal Entities as desired.

Note: In step 5 I specified that I want the Fixed Value to be NULL (Blank).

3. Voucher

We have input Financial Dimension Values on our testing Main Account (201110).

We know that our input will be overridden by our setup when the voucher is posted.

Exhibit: Voucher Input

Now that the voucher has been posted, we see the overridden (Blank) Financial Dimension Values that we specified in step 2) above.

Exhibit: Posted Voucher

We have successfully overridden our Financial Dimension Values per our setup.

We chose to demonstrate Fixed Values = NULL (Blank).

You can choose any Fixed Values that you desire from your companies' Financial Dimension Values.

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