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Reflexive Financial Dimensions

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Have you ever wanted to run a trial balance by Customer, Item, Vendor, Projects, etc. ?

There are a lot of benefits to doing this, but the challenge is automating the process.

D365 can do this, and the setup is easy.

Today, we will use "Projects" as an example.

1. Create a entity backed Financial Dimension

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimensions

Select "New" and choose the desired table.

Note: Do not choose "Custom", as that is for manually assigned Financial Dimension Values

Finish creating your new Financial Dimension

by filling out the "Report column name" and set "Copy values to this dimension..." =YES

The "Copy values to this dimension..." setting is what enables the 'reflexive', automatic self population of values to the new financial dimension field on each new project.

(We will exhibit this at the end of this blog)

2. Activate your new Financial Dimension

see prior blog for activation steps

3. Add you new Financial Dimension to Account Structure

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Structures > Configure account structures

Add your new Financial Dimension and Activate you updated Account Structure,

You are all set to start using your new 'reflexive' Financial Dimension.

Now, when we create a new project, the Project Financial Dimension will get automatically populated.

Project management and accounting > Projects > All projects

Create a new project

The Financial Dimension has been automatically populated.

Now, all Project transactions will post to the Trial Balance with the corresponding Financial Dimension value automatically appearing on the journals.

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