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Updated Microsoft Go-live Readiness Review Process

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Microsoft has updated their FastTrack Go-live Readiness review process.

They are moving away from the Word version Go-live readiness check-list to a portal to capture this information,

Updated Microsoft Go-live Readiness Review Process

FastTrack Go-live Readiness review is a big milestone for D365F&SCM implementation projects.

This Microsoft quality gate is there to ensure that the project is in good shape before provisioning PROD for going live.


o As of May 16, 2022, the Go-live Readiness review process has transitioned to the FastTrack for Dynamics 365 Implementation Portal.

o As of June 20, 2022, Word checklists will no longer be accepted. Go-live reviews can be initiated only in the portal.

o If a project is already in the process of using a Word checklist, they can continue if they plan to submit it before June 20. However, because the portal and the Word checklist include the same questions, we invite you to use the portal.

Benefits of new experience:

  • ·Offers a more efficient process for providing answers to review questions and submitting review to Microsoft.

  • ·Allows multiple users to work on the review simultaneously, meaning different team members can provide input for different topics in parallel.

  • ·The collaboration feature enabling structured discussions about risks identified during review.

Review history, including review report, remains accessible for future reference.

Please refer to the updated Docs article for further details:

Portal review process

How Initiate the Go-live Readiness Review in the Portal

1. The customer/partner sends an e-mail to and includes the following information:

o Confirmation that the project is ready to start the Go-live Readiness Review

o Confirmation of the LCS project ID

o Confirmation of the users from the LCS project who will participate in the Go-live Readiness Review and should be granted access to the portal for the Go-live Readiness Review process

Note - Key stakeholders from the customer organization who are participating in the review must be selected as Review participants in the portal.

2. Microsoft grants portal access to the requested LCS project users and confirms that this task has been completed by responding to the email.

3. The customer/partner starts the review in the portal by following the guidance in the Portal Help article. All users who have access to the portal can access this article.

Submit the review

· The project team should provide answers to all questions in the review. The review process in the portal supports multi-user scenarios. Multiple team members can provide details for the go-live review at the same time.

· When answers have been provided to all the questions in the Go-live Readiness Review, submit the review to Microsoft by selecting Submit.

After the review is submitted in the portal

· Microsoft FastTrack reviews the project and provides a report that describes the potential risks, best practices, and recommendations for a successful go-live of the project. The review might require up to three business days for the initial report, plus additional time for any risk mitigation that is required.

· Users who have been selected as Review participants in the portal receive email communication that provides updates about the review.

· When all critical risks have been addressed, and the review has been completed, Microsoft enables the production environment slot in the LCS project. The customer/partner can then trigger the production environment deployment.

Exceptions to new process

There are two exceptions that will not use the FastTrack for Dynamics 365 implementation portal:

Special thanks to David Ledoux.

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