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Where did those numbers come from? D365FO Consolidation Trick...

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

When you setup your Consolidation, Online in Dynamics 365 FO, there is an easy trick to identify what Legal Entity (LE) the Trial Balance values come from.

1. Financial Dimensions

Create a Financial Dimension and point it to the Legal Entity table.

I usually name the Financial Dimension "LE".

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimensions

Note: You will probably need to put your system into Maintenance Mode to Activate the new dimension.

2. Financial Dimension Sets

I usually create a Financial Dimension Set for use in my Consolidation company [C01]

I name it MA+LE.

The Financial Dimension Set is chosen when you run a Trial Balance report from your consolidation company.

The new set will display the Main Account AND Identify the Source Legal Entity for all transactions.

General ledger > Chart of Accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimension sets

Remember to create balances after your create your new Financial Dimension Set.

3. Account Structure

Add the new Financial Dimension to the Account Structure(s) that you have assigned for your consolidation company,

General ledger > Ledger setup > Ledger

4. Consolidate, online

When you are filling out the Financial Dimensions (tab) within Consolidate, Online, choose the Company accounts specification for the LE Financial Dimension

Consolidations > Consolidate, online

Then go ahead and finish processing your consolidation.

See my prior blog for process.

5. Trial Balance report

When your run your Trial Balance report, select your new Financial Dimension Set.

We have successfully added identification of the source legal entity values in the consolidated Trial Balance report.

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